New generationjacket

JOTT, a fun and nomadic spirit that unites all generations in search of comfort and fashion.


Down: 90%
Feathers: 10%


215 grams on average


Silky nylon - Breathable - Water-repellent

Smart and nomad

Practical and lightweight, JOTT jackets can be easily rolled up and packed away very quickly in their small storage pouch. They fit anywhere so that you are always prepared: in the trunk of a scooter, in a glove box, or in a bag ready to go to around the world.

The stores

Already active in Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, Brest and Lille, discover JOTT's universe in our fun and colorful shops!
Our stores


Unlimited Colors

With 22 new colors each season, JOTT jackets are adapted to all needs and desires.