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THE REVERSIBLE KIDS DOWN JACKET, A MUST HAVE! A reversible kids down jacket has many advantages, starting with the possibility of changing your look in the blink of an eye. Dressing your kid with a reversible puffer jacket gives yourself some peace of mind. If your kid wants a change of style or is struggling with no extra jacket, just turn the puffer over. Like the adult models, the reversible puffer jacket is made to be comfortable while protecting your kid from any weather condition.. Padded in feather and down, the reversible kids down jacket protects against the cold. Thanks to its water-repellent surface, it also protects against moisture, since raindrops are kept away rather than penetrating the fabric. JOTT designers have focused on the convenience of the reversible children's down jacket. Being warm is good, but if, at the same time, your kid can move around freely, that's even better!