Baby's Jacket


Offering a baby down jacket to your kid means sheltering your baby from the cold. Be careful, you will fall for it!

With JOTT, you can dress your baby from 3 months old-on. The models are padded with feather and down to optimize insulation while reducing the weight of the garment. Your baby can move freely, without being tucked in the down jacket. All models are supplied with a hood and some models come with little teddy bear ears. Irresistible!

The coating of the baby's down jacket is water repellent, which means that the raindrops are wicked away rather than being absorbed by the fabric. Some models are equipped with a pouch which facilitates transport and considerably reduces the bulk.

From pastel to shiny, the choice of colors is vast, as is the range of sizes which can go up to 36 months, depending on the model.