Women's Sleeveless Down Jacket


Very easy to wear, the sleeveless puffer jacket is the versatile element of your wardrobe.

When winter is over, but it's not warm yet, we like to wear a sleeveless puffer jacket. Padded with feather and down, it is light and insulating. It protects you from the cold but also from humidity thanks to a water-repellent material that lets the drops of water slip away rather than retaining them. The wind, too, glides over the surface of the women's sleeveless down jacket, protecting you from those airstreams that tend to ruin our hangout moments in spring or fall. The sleevelessdown jacket for women is the ally of cocooning moments at home. As long as it is covered in faux fur, we can assure you that you will have a hard time parting with it at night when you go to bed.